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Since 1996, Beau Bébé Ltée manufactures the brand Bébédou baby diapers. From then on, Beau Bébé Ltée has developed and largely extended its activities by commercialising different other brands such as sanitary pads, baby wipes and adult diapers. Following their commitment in offering quality service, it’s to no surprise that the company has been certified ISO 9001-2008 in December 2012. 

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New Born


Specially designed for newborn or prematured babies.
Weight between 2kg and 5kg

Senior UltraCare


Comfortable and super absorbent diaper specially designed for adults with mobility impairment.
Waist from 28 to 50 inches


Extra soft Bébédou cotton wipes are ideal for baby’s tender skin. They are just right to cleanse and moisturise gently when changing baby. They also help in keeping nappy rash away, while their perfume-free formula is highly recommended for babies who are sensitive to artificial fragrances.



Little Angels


The Little Angels baby wipes are thick and fluffy and are ideal for the nappy time. Made from the softest material, it is ideal for the face and hands of baby and can be used by the whole family.
Its Alcohol free formula provides a non irritating scent and also balances the pH of the baby’s skin.

Talia So Silk

Talia So Silk pads provides an optimal comfort with its soft and silky topsheet, and is ideal to wear even in our humid climate. It’s top sheet has 1,200 ultra-absorbent micro-holes to keep you dry and make you feel confident day and night.
Talia So Silk panty liners have a longer and wider silky topsheet that fits your lingerie for your everyday use and comfort. It is ideal to wear at the beginning and the end of your period.
Finally, Talia So Silk has added to its product range the string protege lingerie to be worn with your cute and sexy lingerie such as your strings, thongs or shorties.  It’s silky touch provides comfort and is adapted to your everyday activities.
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All against breast cancer


Since 2008, Beau Bébé Ltée is greatly involved in Breast Cancer fight during the Pink Month of October. 
Talialife.mu is the online website where further information and various awareness campaigns are available.

Social Responsibility

Beau Bébé Ltée is also very much involved in various social projects including Bébédou diapers & Talia pads donations to charities, nurseries, kindergartens, prisons, orphanages and unmarried mothers associations.

We are also present in various fairs and Women Centres.
Educational games and accessories are provided to clinic’s childcare centres, and same is re-adapted to the child’s needs.
  • Beau Bébé is now a registered firm certified ISO 9001-2008


    Beau Bébé is now a registered firm certified ISO 9001-2008, since December 2012
    Beau Bébé’s motto is to endeavor to total customer satisfaction with continuous improvement in its performance by providing quality products on the market and at all times. 



  • Breast Cancer Awareness campaign


    Since five years now, Talia is nationally and actively involved in a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.
    During the course of her life, one woman out of eight will have to face breast cancer. In 2012, Talialife’s had the challenge to inform all the women in Mauritius, on the necessity of getting screened for the prevention of breast cancer.
    Throughout the Pink Month of October, Talialife organises several activities in connection with its Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.

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  • Tel : +230 454 5456
  • Fax : +230 465 4531
  • Email : contact@beaubebe.mu